Megha Israni

Entrepreneur | Author | Artist | Storyteller

Megha Israni, born and brought up in the City of Mumbai, kick started her career in acting at the tender age. It is since then that she has known the camera to be her closest friend .

Megha along with her elder brother Luv Israni, started a Wedding Photography Company named Israni Photography in the year 2011. Her meticulously honed skill set and carefully curated team has been raising the bar for the wedding photography and cinematography industry ever since. Having captured more than 600 Weddings across the globe, she is here to create stories which last a lifetime.

This ambitious, energetic & focused 30 year old is here with a vision to make her company, Israni photography, a name known to every household for Photography & Filming in India. Weaving Stories & being a carrier of happiness is what gives her immense joy & satisfaction.

Her mantra to a fulfilling life is to smile, let loose and be yourself. She strongly believes that the camera always captures the truth, so why not be your own self than pretend to be someone you are not. She adds to the belief of thousands of girls, that sky is the limit for those who aim to reach for it.

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Her stint in front of the camera began at the age of three and went strong until the age of ten. After which, for a little while, cameras were replaced by books. Megha wasn’t the happiest about this change, but her parents sure were. The cameras came back knocking at her door and she jumped right at the opportunity. From being the face of more than a hundred brands as a child to playing coveted roles under Balaji Telefilms as a teenager, Megha has the inside scoop on all things filming. The thing about being a creative person is that they can never accept the lack of it. That’s exactly what happened when Megha reached a point where she wanted more, her quench was to explore, she knew there was more to her. What followed next was entrepreneurship.

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The Entrepreneur

Picking up right where we left off, Megha was sucked in to entrepreneurship like a moth to a flame. Interestingly though, at first, taking this route wasn’t her decision. The two men in her life – her father and brother pushed her to start a wedding division as an extension of the fashion photography business that her brother was running. And that is how the famed Israni Photography- Capturing Memories For A Lifetime, was born. This accidental push from her family, changed her life. Soon the brides and grooms she shot, instantly fell in love with her creativity and the word spread like wild fire. In no time the demand for her company came in pouring. Today she is so deeply delved into it that she can’t imagine a life any different now. If you’re still reading you should know that this is not all. She went on to start the second business called Love & Memories, fondly named after her brother and herself. This division captures all things maternity and new born. This is just a comma in her journey and there is more to it. A few years after, she joined hands with one of her ex-brides (crazy, right?) Priyanjali Dhoot Malpani. Together they launched what is one of the most exquisite and experiential networking club in Mumbai– The Clique Club. This club brings young entrepreneurs together like never before. Her quest to payback and nurture the society she lives in, guided her further to write a book called -Jitters begins the Glitters. This book will reveal all that goes behind the big fat Indian wedding. Apart from the book she shall soon be seen coming up with a chat show called – The Wedding Secrets. This chapter is instrumental in making her who she is.

Entrepreneurship sure wasn’t love at first sight,
but, it sure is going to be an endless love affair!

Megha Israni

Entrepreneurship sure wasn’t love at first sight,
but, it sure is going to be an endless love affair!

Megha Israni
The Jitters behind
the Glitters

Coming Soon

The purpose of coming out with this book is bring out the problems, needs and desires of the brides and their families. There is so much that goes into making a wedding and much more that goes into making a marriage. People often get so lost in the pomp and in the whole thing of “log kya Kahenge” that often the purpose behind the Wedding is lost, and gets narrowed down more towards maintaining a social status. The book is also a small effort to bring out the hard work and ideation that goes behind making an Indian wedding a big and fat one. Like it is said “Rome was not built in a day”, neither are weddings and certainly not marriages. This book is a window to peep into what goes behind these weddings, to change the illusions and perception that people have about the fact that “All that glitters is gold.”